Previously in Europe

Previously in Europe

Europe is complicated, there's so much going on in all these countries, that's why we're here, to try make sense of all this nonsense with our podcast about the week in Europe with a new episode out every Friday.

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    Silvio Returns, Patel Out, Le Pen Stripped, Poland Breeding and Catalonia Still There

    Previously in Europe, an uncompromised Alex Salmond. This week we discuss the alleged return of Silvio Berlusconi, UK international development secretary's exit, Le Pen is stripped of immunity again and Alex Salmond's odd choice of home for his new talk show... Poland's independence day has some unfortunate white supremacy overtones and Catalonia is still a thing.

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    Catalan Sort of Declares Independence and Austrian Election

    Previously in Europe Nigel Farage's gravy train. This week we return to discussing the ongoing events in Catalan surrounding their independence referendum. We also discuss the upcoming Austrian election and their probable right wing coalition. There's a bunch of other stuff discussed but nothing that makes the title or this description.

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    German Election, EU Tech Update, Couscous-Gate

    Previously in Europe Monsanto. This week we spend a long time discussing the German election results and the complex job they'll have forming a new government. Having been off for a week we talk about a lot of miscellaneous EU goings on, from the return of Berlusconi to a FN member's enjoyment of couscous, we talk about it all. We end with a EU tech news section for the first time in a while...

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    Catalonia, #SOTEU, Brexit Nonsense, Norwegian Election & TheEasternBorder Interview

    Previously in Europe, Donald Tusk's Job. On today's episode we covered Catalonia & the State of EU speech as well as Norway, Germany and Icelandic election related news. Also some troubling things George Osborne said. Also our first interview on PiE with Kristaps Andrejsons of the Soviet history podcast "The Eastern Border." We discuss modern day Russia and it's interactions with the EU member nations.

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    Macron, Brexit Nonsense, Uninteresting German Elections, Romanian Protests & Crimean Bridges

    Previously in Europe, the Hungarian ambassador to the Netherlands. On today's episode we discuss the current state of Brexit negotiations, Macron's appearance and policy positions and terminally boring German federal elections. We also discuss a diplomatic incident between Hungary and the Netherlands, Romanian protests and a bridge in Crimea.

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