Previously in Europe

Previously in Europe

Europe is complicated, there's so much going on in all these countries, that's why we're here, to try make sense of all this nonsense with our podcast about the week in Europe with a new episode out every Friday.

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    Schulz Out, Northern Ireland Still Out and Clear the Lobby

    Previously in Europe, Schulz. This week Hugh does a solo episode running down briefly some of the news from around Europe. Also we have our first interview for quite a while with Sebastian Salek the creator of the Clear the Lobby newsletter

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    VW Emission Testing Scandal, Zeeman Re-elected and Poland's Holocaust Legislation

    Previously in Europe Puigdemont's hopes and dreams. This week we catch up on developments in a lot of stories we've covered in the past few months from Germany's grand coalition talks to Ireland's now announced abortion referendum. VM and other German car makers are embroiled in another diesel related scandal. Zeeman is re-elected in the Czech republic and Israel is angry with Poland...

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    Czech, German and Italian Election Section, in the EU Weeds & the Relations Section

    Previously in Europe, Babis' immunity. This week we discuss the problems caused by previous and upcoming elections in the Czech Republic, Italy and Germany. We also talk about a new EU deal with Ethiopia & its own empty parliament seats. Also a new section on relations between nations and other things!

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    Romania and Czech (sort of) PMs Out, German Coalition Talks and Nobody Watches Estronian PM

    Previously in Europe plastic. This week we discuss among other things the forcing out of yet another Romanian prime minister, Babis' government loses a no confidence vote, thought they will probably make a comeback... Effectively nobody shows up to the Estonian prime minister talking at the EU parliament. Oh and the German coalition proposition isn't going down well with the SPD local parties.

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    First Round Czech Elections, Bulgarian EU Presidency & the Not News Section

    Previously in Europe, an invadable Estonia! Today we discussed a lot of the things we missed in the new year such as reactions to the new Austrian government, the Czech presidential election and the comparatively fast decline of Euronews. Also Bulgaria. What is it and where does it come from?

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    Listener Questions 2017

    Previously in Europe, answers. This week we're answering listener questions submitted by email, Facebook, Twitter etc. We'll be back to normal weekly shows for the second week in January.

    Thanks to all that sent us questions, we got some really good stuff! Happy new year!

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    Polish PM Resigns, French Parliment Updates and Brexit Agreement With Caveats

    Previously in Europe, a coherent understanding of the Polish language. This week we discuss the surprise resignation of the Polish PM, Martin Schultz says some crazy stuff about federal Europe plans and Austria legalizes gay marriage (we're pretty sure). Down south Erdogan suggests moving the Greek border further into Greece and Macron loses in the Corsican elections. We're forced to talk some more about Brexit due to the "agreement" they've worked out with many many caveats...

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    German Coalition Talks, Ireland Headed For Election and General Incompetence

    Previously in Europe, Gerald Adamson... This week we discuss the break down of the German coalition talks and the possible return to the grand coalition now on the table. Marine Le Pen gets all her bank accounts closed on her. The UK government can't count apparently. Noted murderer head of an Irish political party announces 'retirement' while Ireland may be headed for a snap election.

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    Silvio Returns, Patel Out, Le Pen Stripped, Poland Breeding and Catalonia Still There

    Previously in Europe, an uncompromised Alex Salmond. This week we discuss the alleged return of Silvio Berlusconi, UK international development secretary's exit, Le Pen is stripped of immunity again and Alex Salmond's odd choice of home for his new talk show... Poland's independence day has some unfortunate white supremacy overtones and Catalonia is still a thing.

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    Catalan Sort of Declares Independence and Austrian Election

    Previously in Europe Nigel Farage's gravy train. This week we return to discussing the ongoing events in Catalan surrounding their independence referendum. We also discuss the upcoming Austrian election and their probable right wing coalition. There's a bunch of other stuff discussed but nothing that makes the title or this description.

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    German Election, EU Tech Update, Couscous-Gate

    Previously in Europe Monsanto. This week we spend a long time discussing the German election results and the complex job they'll have forming a new government. Having been off for a week we talk about a lot of miscellaneous EU goings on, from the return of Berlusconi to a FN member's enjoyment of couscous, we talk about it all. We end with a EU tech news section for the first time in a while...

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    Catalonia, #SOTEU, Brexit Nonsense, Norwegian Election & TheEasternBorder Interview

    Previously in Europe, Donald Tusk's Job. On today's episode we covered Catalonia & the State of EU speech as well as Norway, Germany and Icelandic election related news. Also some troubling things George Osborne said. Also our first interview on PiE with Kristaps Andrejsons of the Soviet history podcast "The Eastern Border." We discuss modern day Russia and it's interactions with the EU member nations.

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    Macron, Brexit Nonsense, Uninteresting German Elections, Romanian Protests & Crimean Bridges

    Previously in Europe, the Hungarian ambassador to the Netherlands. On today's episode we discuss the current state of Brexit negotiations, Macron's appearance and policy positions and terminally boring German federal elections. We also discuss a diplomatic incident between Hungary and the Netherlands, Romanian protests and a bridge in Crimea.

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    Macron's Tour of Eastern Europe, German Election Stagnation and Black Sea Update

    Previously in Europe, reparations. This week on the podcast we discuss Macron's tour of Eastern Europe, with a pretty obvious macro EU political agenda... Additionally we try to discuss the bore that is the German election. We talk also about some countries that happen to be on the Black Sea - Ukraine and Romania with their completely otherwise unrelated recent news.

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    Poland Supreme Court Situation, French Army Chief resigns, Germany changes stance on Turkey & Not News!

    Previously in Europe, the moral high-ground of the French left! On today's episode we discuss the ongoing situation in Poland's judicial reform and the newest developments there. We also discuss some minor pieces of news from Germany and France, like how no one in French politics seems capable of correctly using EU money. Also, the return of the, oh wait, no way, he didn't say what I think he did, did he? Yes Kieran made a false assertion about the Eurovision.

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    Polish Judaical Shakeup, G20 in Hamburg, Malta Legalises Same Sex Marriage

    Previously in Europe, an independent Polish Judiciary. This week we discuss some sudden developments in the Polish parliment affecting their courts. Malta legalises same sex marriage. Cyprus talks break down. The G20 happened in Hamburg with some repercussions. Some more nonsense in the UK...

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    UK Election Aftermath, Visegrad tensions & Leo Varadkar

    Previously in Europe, the French socialist party! On today's episode we discuss the aftermath of the UK election as well as major foreign policy events happening mostly in Middle and Eastern Europe. Also we discuss Leo Varadkar, the new Taoiseach, yup that's how you spell. Irish orthography rules.

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    Multiple Governments Collapse, Macron Shapes Government and Eurovision

    Previously in Europe, governments. This week we discuss the array of governments around Europe facing issues. The Dutch have yet to form a coalition since their elections, Irish Taoiseach announces stepping down, Kosovo government falls apart and Austria calls snap elections for later in the year.

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    Turkish Referendum and French Presidential Poll Upsets

    Previously in Europe, a straightforward French election. This week Kieran is off so Hugh gives a very quick update cast talking about the Turkish referendum and the French presidential election.

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    Dutch General Election Results, ECJ Ruling on Religious Symbol Workplace Ban & Rome Summit.

    Previously in Europe, Hugh. This week it's just me, Kieran/Ciarán (who knows with my name anymore) Hugh is on holiday so I try to cover the Dutch election results and what it all means. I also cover how the press was slightly misleading about the ECJ's ruling on workplace bans of religious symbols and the ultimately uneventful Rome Summit.

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    EU White Paper, Northern Ireland Elections and Shots Fired Near Hollande

    Previously in Europe, Le Pen's immunity from prosecution... This week we discuss the many election developments in various European countries. Also Junker's white paper on the future of the EU is leaked.. Additionally a German journalist is arrested in Turkey, Sweden brings back conscription, shots are accidentally fired near president Hollande.

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    Wilders Stops Campaigning, Munich Defence Conference, Montenegrin Coup Attempt & Mystery Radiation

    Previously in Europe, a debating Wilders. This week we discuss the events surrounding last weekend's Munich defence conference, American VP Micheal Pence's comments and Europe's reaction to them. Then we went on a slight fear-mongering rant and landed on mystery radiation. Also we discuss Wilder's current campaign, or lack there of, and whether there is actually a merit to what he is doing.

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    Voting Updates for Turkey, Romania and the Netherlands, Junker Proposes Commission Reforms

    Previously in Europe, Junker. This week we discuss the events surrounding the Turkish government structure referendum, the proposed referendum in Romania on government anti-corruption policies and the Dutch general elections. Additionally various internal EU events including CETA passing the parliament and Junker's proposal for reforms to how the EU Commission works.

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    Liechtenstein General Election, German Polls, The Malta summit & Ongoing Protests in Romania

    Previously in Europe, the_schulz. This week we discuss the EU Summit in Malta and the resulting plan to stem migration from Libya, we also discuss the ongoing protests in Romania as the Romanian Justice Minister steps down. Finally in Hugh's refusal to constantly discuss the French elections, we talk about the Liechtenstein general elections and the slight upswing in SPD support in Germany.

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    Romanian Protests, French Socialist Primaries, Surprise Chancellor Schulz & Dutch Uncertainty

    Previously in Europe, Romanian prisoners. This week Romanians took to street over a possible move by the government to undo so much anti-corruption work. The likely French socialist presidential candidate is a bit of a surprise. Additionally there are some new dates for upcoming elections taking place in Bulgaria and Italy. Also Schulz lied to us!

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    May's Brexit Speech, Tajani Elected EU Parliament President and Europe Election Updates

    Previously in Europe, ambiguous Brexit. This week the UK PM gave the first hints at negotiation goals for the talks to leave the EU. The EU parliament has a new president as the product of an unusual alliance. Additionally there are some new dates for upcoming elections taking place. Also Manuel Valls was slapped in the face while campaigning...

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    EU Parl Presidential Debate, Oettinger Approved, Cyprus Reunification Talks, Icelandic Government & Malta Presidency

    Previously in Europe, quiet on the eastern front. On this week's episode we discuss the new Icelandic government, the USA's warning of Russian tampering in elections and the EU parliamentary presidential elections. We also talk about Malta's rotating presidency of the EU starting and reunification talks in Cyprus and the approval Oettinger in his new commission position.

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    Fillon for President, Hollande Not Running & Who Will Replace Schulz

    Previously in Europe, Hollande. On this week's episode we focused on two events shaping Europe this week, the results of the Les Republicans' primaries and who Fillon even is and who will fill the power vacuum left by Martin Schulz as the new president of the EU parliament.

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    French Presidential Primaries, Merkel Running Again and EU Defence Union

    Previously in Europe, Sarkozy. On this week's episode we talk about the conservative party primary in France. Merkel has confirmed she will run for a 4th term in Germany. Estonia has a government again and the EU parliament votes on EU defence union proposals.

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    Estonia Government Collapse, Ongoing Refugee Crisis and Trump

    Previously in Europe, Estonia's government! This week we discuss the collapse of the Estonian government due to a no confidence vote. France demolishes the Calais. The UK press put on notice for it's reaction to the Brexit court ruling. We also discuss the US election of president elect Trump (as briefly as possible) and how it might affect Europe. Also EU commissioner Günther Oettinger gets in some trouble with some jokes he made about the Chinese...

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    Brexit Court Ruling, Lithuanian Elections, Icelandic Elections & Italian Earthquake

    Previously in Europe, Roman Fridges! This week we discuss the Brexit court ruling, Lithuanian general elections, Icelandic general elections, and the earthquake in Italy. We also discuss the Nordic council is moving to Brussels, the Smiths non-reunion, CETA signed and Rajoy is finally in charge of Spain. Also where did all these fridges come from, someone is clearly out to get me.

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    Week Off!

    Previously in Europe... this week's podcast. We're taking a week off so no podcast this week. We'll be back next Friday for a full episode!

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    Wallonia Causing Trade Trouble, RT has its Bank Accounts Closed in the UK and a French Presidential Primary Debate

    Previously in Europe, RT's bank accounts! This week we discuss Russia's infulence on Europe, particularly some instances of funding right wing political parties in EU countries. We spend some time talking about Wallonia, the French part of Belgium is causing problems with the EU-Canada trade deal. Also the Danish People's Party has allegedly misused EU funding, Croatia has a PM and the French conservatives had a primary debate!

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    Georgian Elections, Brexit Nonsense, IndyRef 2, Le Fraud & more

    Previously in Europe, Le Fraud! This week we discuss the recent Georgian elections, how their political parties work and operate as well as how pretty their alphabet is. We also discuss this week's brexit nonsense, how the UK, Scotland and Ireland are preparing for the fallout. Finally we touch on French campaign financing fraud, icy Franco-Russian relations, Erdogan appealing German court cases and the Hungarian press.

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    Hungarian Referendum, Brexit Date and Polish Abortion Protests

    Previously in Europe, hundreds of hours of a date for Brexit. This week we discuss the failed Hungarian refugee referendum and the British conservative party conference where potential Brexit details were given. Also we touch on the continuing eventful nature of Spanish politics, the abortion debate in Poland and the mysterious Estonian elder council...

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    Spanish Socialist Infighting, EU Defence Summit, Fashionable Latvian President & more

    Previously in Europe, hundreds of hours of Sarkozy recordings. This week we discuss the effects of regional Spanish elections have had on the nation's political deadlock along with how the socialists are angry at Sanchez. We also discuss the EU defence summit and the various reactions to the idea of increased European defence co-operation.

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    Migrant Crisis, EU Marathon Talks and Visegrad Four Squabbles

    Previously in Europe, a nice cruise on the Danube! This week we discuss the recent the ongoing global migrant crisis and its effect on Europe. We do a general talk, but also some mentions of the recent UN migrant summit. There was a big EU summit in Bratislava, sans UK, where among other thing a potential EU army was discussed. Also Belarus had a protest about their flag, there were Russian elections in one sense of the work and more....

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    Croatian Elections, EU Med Summit & The State of the EU Address

    Previously in Europe... No Selling! This week we discuss the recent Croatian elections, the EU Mediterranean Summit in Athens and Jean-Claude Juncker's State of the Union address. We also talk about the problems with the new Roman mayor, the totally fair election in Belarus, the delayed Austrian elections and much more.

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    Further Brexit Nonsense, No Government for Rajoy and Local German Elections

    Previously in Europe, meaningful distinctions between tax evasion and terrorism. This week we discuss further Brexit developments brought on by the G20, the British parliament going back into session and Tusk visiting London to push for some developments. We also discussed the local German elections being hyped as a rise of the far right and problems for Merkel. The EU is considering a blacklist of countries which are used for tax evasion. Additionally there's still no long term government in place in Spain.

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    The Apple Tax Ruling, Fake Prague Terror Attack, Election Madness & much more

    Previously in Europe, corporation tax. On this week's episode we discuss the EU commission's ruling on the €13bn unpaid tax to the Irish government. We discuss the ill-advised staged Islamic State terror attack in Prague, all the elections happening this year and next as well as the end of the burkini ban in France, net neutrality in the EU, the reactions to the Italian earthquake, Moldovan protests and Oettinger's fabulous quotes.

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    Olympics Afterglow, Burkini Ban Comes Into Force and Earthquake in Italy

    Previously in Europe, a bunker for Junker. On this week's episode we discuss among other things the positive news story aftermath surrounding the Olympics and the sudden decrease in stories highlighting the underlying problems in Rio. The burkini ban comes into effect in some southern French towns and immediately causes problems. There was a serious earthquake in central Italy. Additionally a Danish MEP asks the European Commission if there's anywhere nuclear proof for them to go in case of an attack/meltdown

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    Burkini Ban, Slow News Week & How the EU works

    Previously in Europe, a clean shaven Farage. On this weeks episode we discuss a string of bans on burkini's in French coastal towns and we finally get a chance to explain how the EU works, hooray!

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    EU Southern Alliance, Turkish Coup Attempt Fallout, Some Non-News and more

    Previously in Europe, news. On this week's episode we discuss some stories which made the news but are of questionable quality (Politician's holiday locations come to mind this time of year), a new potential southern alliance of EU nations and the ongoing fallout from the Turkish coup attempt.

    We also discussed the worsening forest fires in both France and Portugal; violence in Europe and the media's quick reactions speculating terrorist links

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    British EU Agencies, Spanish Coalition Building & Juncker's Hate List

    Previously in Europe, British European Union Agencies. On this week's episode we discuss the two EU agencies in the UK and who wants them and why. Also the continuing political stalemate in Spain and Juncker's little black book of hate. We also touched on the Armenian hostage situation, the new British commissioner, a right to broadband and Kosovo's first olympics.

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    Italian Government and Referrendum, Russia's Olympic team and more...

    Previously in Europe, 'Renzi's gamble'! On this week's episode we discuss the upcoming Italian referendum on their government operations. Also the International Olympic Committee's decision to not ban the Russian team, but impose restrictions on who they can send. We also touched on the ongoing attempts to form a government in Spain, potential revived independence fight for Catalonia , the ongoing hostage situation in Armenia and of course a light touch of Brexit news.

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    Hostage Situation in Yerevan, Nice Attack, Axe Attack in Germany & Attempted Coup in Turkey

    Previously in Europe, opposition to the Turkish government. On today's episode we discuss what has been a tragically eventful week in Europe, A hostage situation in Yerevan, Armenia, the attack in Nice on Bastille day and a lone-wolf attack on a train in Bavaria, Germany. We also discuss the founder of Kickass Torrents getting arrested in Poland, Bosnia's warning of Pokemon Go landmine issues, Croatia's upcoming snap elections, Brexit's effect on Ireland and Theresa May meeting Hollande and Merkel.

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    Europe after Brexit, Hollande's Haircuts & Surprise British Government

    Previously in Europe, cheap haircuts... On today's episode we discuss Europe after Brexit, Francois Hollande's haircuts and the surprise new British government. We also briefly discuss Ex-European Commission head taking a job at Goldman Sachs, riots in Berlin, the NATO summit in Poland and a plucky Lithuanian MEP's dream of being the leader of UKIP.

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    Spanish Election, Tory Leadership, Brexit Nonsense & a Juncker Non-Story

    Previously in Europe, a workable Spanish Parliament! On today's episode we discuss the second Spanish general election, continuing Brexit nonsense and a non story about commission president Jean-Claude Juncker. We also briefly discuss French centre-right infighting, the upcoming Austrian presidential election, Putin in Finland and a tragic shooting in Serbia.

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    Brexit Special!

    Previously in Europe, the United Kingdom! We spend the whole episode this week discussing Britain's referendum result to leave the EU. Awkward squabbling and backstabbing within Westminster; An increase in hate crimes being reported; and Nicola Sturgeon has a fun day out in Brussels!

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